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Tips For A Stress Free Move

Date Added 03/05/2017

Top Tips For A Stress Free Move.

How stressful can moving to a new house be? Feel like pulling your hair out, anxiety kicking in? Well here are some helpful tips for a stress-free move

Tip 1. Using a reliable Solicitor
Ensure you hire a reputable conveyancing solicitor. Ask your Estate Agent for advice on who they would recommend and why?

Tip 2. Budget
Budget your expenditure to ensure you cover all your important costs for the move. It is worth using a `Moving Calculator` in advance so you can estimate how much your move will be, therefore you can budget accordingly.

Tip 3. Take your Time
Organise your schedule. This gives you sufficient time to complete your task list. Preparing early will help make sure you don`t exhaust yourself trying to fit too many things into a short space of time. ***PACE YOURSELF***

Tip 3. Be Flexible
As we all know, things don`t always go plan, dates and times often get altered when we move home. Not necessarily a fault of your own but this issue generally is one thing we must tackle when moving. It is important to be flexible to changes and prepare yourself to keep your stress levels down.

Tip 4. Ask Family & Friends For Help
There is nothing worse than running around like a headless chicken, trying to do everything yourself. JUST ASK FOR HELP. Write a list of things that need doing, then decide who can do what. How good will you feel knowing you have support for your family & friends.

Tip 5. Removal Company
How many times have you heard people saying their removal firm was a `blooming nightmare`? So why not do some research, get a few quotes and ask to meet them, at least that way you than get a feel for how they come across and if they understand your needs.

Tip 6. Go With The Flow & Have A Back Up Plan.
As much as we try our best for everything to go to plan, sometimes unplanned events are inevitable. That`s why having a back-up plan is useful. We aren`t talking about having a completely different plan, just that you have a list of options available should some of the major stages of your move change. Allow yourself a few days either side of your move, therefore if anything does change at least you have enough time to try and re schedule and plan an alternative.

Good Luck!
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